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About BAPN

The Association of Professional Nannies is the only professional association in the UK which caters exclusively for nannies. Created in 2011 by 4 nannies with a vision to unite professional nannies and support the nanny workforce, the association today advocates for nannies at the highest levels as well as continuing to support nannies in their day to day work.

Let us help you

Membership of BAPN is open to all nannies who meet the requirements, but you don't have to be a member to contact us for advice on your specific situation. We are here to support and advocate for all nannies, because we're passionate about your rights. Helping and empowering one nanny helps all nannies.

Membership benefits

  • Free training
  • Discounts with partner companies
  • Access to the docu-zone with downloadable resources
  • A closed, secure members-only forum
  • Free CV and portfolio advice service
  • Your view represented in our response to consultations

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