Finding a Nanny Job

Before you look for a nanny job you need to create a CV that highlights your background and experience. This is also a good time to start preparing your nanny portfolio.

There are three main routes for finding a nanny job: word of mouth, online and via a nanny agency. If you are not yet working as a nanny you may be interested in our section on becoming a nanny and information on qualifications for nannies.

Word of mouth

If you are lucky you may hear about a nanny job that will become available from your circle of nanny friends or from parents at playgroups or at school. You may also be headhunted by parents who have been given your name as someone looking for work. This method has the advantage of personal recommendation; either you know the family or know someone who knows the family and you have an idea of whether you would like to work for them or not. One disadvantage is that if anything goes wrong you may find yourself in a difficult position.

Finding a nanny job online

More and more parents are choosing to advertise directly for a nanny online. There are a number of websites that can help you find a nanny job online such as:


You can also use local Facebook groups to advertise.

Be careful when applying for jobs online. People are not always what they seem. For more information about finding a nanny job online, including how to protect yourself, check here. We also have information to help you identify whether a job is genuine or a scam.

Finding a job through a nanny agency

Using a nanny agency is always free for job seekers in the UK. Agencies that insist you pay a fee for them to find you a job, or insist that you undertake their training or pay for a new DBS (provided that you have a DBS on the update service) via them should be avoided. Many agencies in the UK belong to a network or an association that has a code of conduct. The two main ones are REC and ANA.

When you apply for a job via a nanny agency you will be asked to register. Most agencies will ask you to register in person so they can check your identity and original certificates. Occasionally this is not possible and you will be asked to send scanned documents or notarised copies and interview via Skype. A nanny agency should also contact your references to verify them. Based on your requirements and your profile the agent should then suggest a selection of jobs on their books that might be a good fit, and invite you to keep in touch.

For more information about working with nanny agencies, check here.