Insurance for Nannies

Nanny (public liability) Insurance

What is nanny insurance?

Nanny insurance, also called public liability insurance, is a policy taken out to protect you should any child in your care come to harm. It often also comes with legal advice and legal expenses cover should you need the services of a lawyer. BAPN members can get a discount on their insurance with Morton Michelmortonmichel

Why is it necessary?

You are required to have insurance if you are registered on the voluntary OFSTED Childcare Register. It is advisable to have it even if you are not registered.

If a child in your care has an accident you may be held liable and be ordered to pay damages, which can be very costly. If you are insured then your insurer will meet the cost of those damages up to the limit of your policy cover. It is worth remembering that a claim can be brought against you at any time until the child is 21 so a seemingly minor accident today is a potential lawsuit in a few years’ time. Check that your nanny insurance covers you for all accidents which happen during the term of the insurance, regardless of whether you still hold a policy at the time the claim is brought.

Be sure to follow all procedures required for reporting accidents and notify your insurer promptly or you may find you are not covered.

If you questioned or prosecuted for something related to your work the legal cover with your nanny insurance will provide you with legal counsel and support. If you have a contract, pay or taxation dispute you will also have advice and support.


Car insurance

Using your employer’s car

If you are using your employer’s car for work as a nanny insurance is your employer's responsibility. They should add you as a named driver to their policy and verify that the insurance company are aware you are transporting children as part of your job.

Using your own car

If you are using your own car for work you need to have at least Business Class 1 insurance in place and make your insurer aware that you are a) using your car for work and b) that you are transporting children whilst being paid. Some insurance companies may charge you an additional premium for business class insurance, some may charge an administration fee to change your level of cover but not add anything to your premium and others will do it for free.


Employer’s liability insurance

As you are working in your employer’s home they are required to have employer’s liability insurance in place in case you are injured whilst at work. Some, but not all, household insurers offer this as part of their standard household policy so your employer should check their level of cover. If they do not have this then there are specialist employer’s liability policies for domestic employers. Your employer is responsible for ensuring they have this in place, but you may want to check that they are aware of their responsibility towards you.


Travel insurance

When you travel with a family it is reasonable to ask them to include you on their travel insurance policy or pay for a policy for you as this is a cost you would not incur outside of your work. For nannies that travel frequently abroad as part of your job it may be worth asking the family to take out a yearly travel insurance policy on your behalf. This will cover any costs associated with lost luggage, transport delays, healthcare emergencies (ideally including repatriation) and consular assistance in the country you are travelling to.


Health insurance

In the UK it’s unusual to have private health insurance however your employer may offer it. Providing you are resident in the UK you are entitled to free healthcare via the NHS. If you are working or planning to work abroad you may no longer be covered by the NHS. Depending on local arrangements for healthcare it may be a good idea to take out a private health insurance policy.


Contents insurance

If you live in then you should check whether your possessions are covered by the family’s household insurance. If they are not you might need to take out a specialist policy, or you may find that you can add it to your nanny insurance policy.