Registering With Regulatory Bodies

Nannies are able to register voluntarily as home childcarers in England as a home childcarer on the General Childcare Register with Ofsted, Wales with the Childcare Approval Scheme administered by CSSIW, in Northern Ireland via the Home Childcare Approval Scheme and with agencies registered with the Care Inspectorate in Scotland.

At present there is no form of compulsory registration or regulation for nannies in the UK.

Employers may request a registered nanny in order to access financial assistance provided by the Government which can be used to pay for registered childcare.

Registration with regulatory bodies such as Ofsted or the CSSIW does not mean that a nanny is inspected as other Early Years providers are inspected for the quality of their provision. Any inspections are for compliance purposes and individuals are randomly selected unless a complaint has been raised. Registration does not restrict the number of children a nanny can care for at any one time providing that children from fewer than three families are involved, nor does it require nannies to comply with Early Years frameworks such as the EYFS.

BAPN are part of the Regulation Matters campaign, which lobbies for professional registration and regulation of all nannies and childcarers working in the child's home.