Writing a Nanny CV

General guidelines

  • sum up your qualifications and experience in no more than 2 sides of A4 paper; when you start out it can be a daunting prospect because you may not feel you have much relevant experience, so it’s better to keep to 1 side rather than to pad it out
  • use a font that is clear and easy to read (Arial, Calibri, Tahoma or Verdana are good choices)
  • keep formatting consistent – if one heading is underlined, they all should be – and be careful where the page break falls
  • make sure your CV uses good spelling, punctuation and grammar throughout
  • you don’t need to add a photo, but if you do then present a professional image – sensible clothing, minimal make-up, alone or with children (get their parents’ permission first)
  • tailor your CV to each individual job, particularly to highlight experience with the relevant age range


Key elements

Your contact details

  • enough detail for parents to identify whether you live within easy commuting distance (if applying for live out positions), but you don’t need your full address and it's best not to send that information to people you don't know
  • a mobile phone number
  • an email address which looks professional (ideally yourname@domain.com, not sexylilpartynanny@domain.com)


A personal profile

  • summarise your key qualities and experience in 3 or 4 lines
  • focus on attributes which will be attractive to parents
  • try to highlight what makes you different so you stand out from the crowd – everyone loves children and is enthusiastic and patient
  • be honest – if you’re not prepared to be flexible then don’t say you are


Your education, training and qualifications

  • put down your secondary school and college (and university if you have a degreet) with dates and qualifications gained
  • list the full title and awarding body of all childcare related qualifications so parents can check what they are if they're unsure
  • you don't need to list all your GCSEs and grades, just give the number of GCSEs gained A*-C/D/E, specifying whether that includes passes in English, Maths and Science (and any other relevant subjects for the job you are applying for)
  • list any short courses separately e.g. Paediatric First Aid, NSPCC child protection
  • include any other relevant training e.g. Scout or Guide leadership programmes, St John's Ambulance cadets/Red Cross


Your interests

  • parents are keen on find out about any extra skills you have which might help you care for or educate children, for example baking, sewing, drawing, playing a musical instrument or singing, or sports
  • an unusual interest, such as calligraphy or t'ai chi, will make you memorable
  • try to avoid very generic activities, such as 'going out with friends' or 'listening to music', and activities which sound risky, such as fire spinning or battle re-enacting


Your experience

  • give your job title for each job e.g. 'nanny', 'nursery nurse', ‘Saturday retail assistant’ or ‘childcare student’, the company name (families can be identified by letters – Family A, Family T), the dates you worked there and a summary of what you did
  • try to start each bullet point describing the job with a verb and keep it snappy – your CV is a summary, you can explain in more detail at interview
  • talk about your placements and jobs individually, giving details of the ages of children you worked with, the setting and what activities you undertook or helped with
  • list any regular, long-term babysitting jobs individually, particularly if they involved daytime care, preparing meals or any unusual incidents that you handled
  • any voluntary work also counts as experience, again talk about the ages of the children involved and what your responsibilities were
  • holding down a Saturday job show that you’re reliable and trustworthy even if they aren’t related to childcare; you may also have skills such as cash handling (useful for keeping track of the kitty money) or food hygiene which transfer well to nannying


You can also download our Sample CV (Word format) and use it as a template.