The following things may indicate a scam:

  • The 'employer' asks you to send you money
  • The 'employer' asks for your personal identity documents, such as your passport, or details
  • The 'employer' offers to advance you an amount of money, buy something for them or asks you to help them transfer money internationally
  • Inconsistencies in communication, for example changing names or locations
  • They don't answer your questions about the job, they just respond with a scripted email
  • Very frequent, pushy communication
  • If on Facebook or other social media their account is recent and they have few friends


The following in a job advertisement may indicate a scam:

  • Poor English, frequent spelling or grammatical errors or odd phrasing
  • Overusing words like 'God-fearing', trustworthy, responsible, honest, caring, understanding
  • A story designed to evoke a compassionate response such as being a widower, having a disabled child or frequent absences for business
  • A 'too good to be true' salary or benefits package
  • Looking for a nanny/driver/security/gardener/housekeeper